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Steel framing and electricity

Steel framing causes no interference with electronic devices.

We often get asked the question …Do steel frames interfere with WiFi, TV or radio reception?

The answer is simply no. This is a myth. WiFi, radio and TV wave frequencies pass around steel as easily as timber framing.


Steel framing is safe in the event of lighting strikes and broken or faulty wiring

A steel frame is not affected by natural sources of electricity such as lightning. A steel frame creates a positive earth, therefore lightning strike will have no effect. The energy is allowed to go straight to the ground, and is not dissipated destructively as in conventional framing.

In addition because the frames are earthed, when exposed to a live wire it will create a short and trip the residual current safety switch, so there is little chance of touching anything active. All new housing is required to be fitted with residual current safety switches. However, a broken or pierced wire in a timber frame can remain live and current leakage can cause troublesome faults and fire risks.