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Supaloc – safer and more secure

For a safer and more secure home choose Supaloc.


There are multiple reasons why a Supaloc steel frame will provide you with the sense of security that you and your family deserve.

The Supaloc steel framing system is the only framing system which attaches every single component together and bolts them to the slab. The roof is attached to the truss, which is attached to the wall frame, which is attached to the slab. This has outstanding wind loading qualities, giving you complete security even in severe weather conditions.

All Supaloc steel frames are earthed, making them completely safe in the event of a lightning strike or faulty wiring. It is a requirement of the Building Code of Australia that every new dwelling must be fitted with a safety switch, also known as a Residual Current Device (RCD) or an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. In a Supaloc steel framed home, should faulty wiring make contact with the steel frame, the RCD will immediately trip the electrical supply and alert the homeowner to an electrical fault. In contrast, however, a broken wire in a timber frame structure can remain live and the electrical current leakage could cause a fire as the current makes contact with dry timber.

Supaloc steel frames use patented, superior connections that ensure unsurpassed accuracy and dimensional stability. Each frame is designed and manufactured according to specific design tolerances, producing frames of unequalled consistency and security.