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Termite Damage

A very real threat to Australian homes.

The damage caused by termites could cost you your home…

Unforeseen structural problems can lay hidden by Gyprock and floor coverings for months or even years. One of these structural problems and a very real threat is the discovery of termites or termite damage.

A recent study by CSIRO found that 32 percent of Australian homes have a history of termites. This was confirmed by the Institute of Australian Architects who found that pre-purchase home inspections showed termite damage in one-third of all homes inspected. It is also important to recognise that most insurance companies do not cover termite damage.

Weeks Building Group only build with termite proof Supaloc steel framing. There is simply no safer option..


Case Study

Termite damage became a reality for a client who recently unto a knockdown rebuild project with weeks.

Donna and her husband had lived happily in their home for a number of years however they felt the need to upgrade. After much consideration and number crunching the decision was made to start from scratch and undertake a complete redevelopment as opposed to a renovation on their existing property.

The existing residence had remained still and the furniture in its place for years. There was no indication or even a hint of the damage that was progressing behind their walls.

Upon moving a single item of furniture in preparation fro the demolition process the discovery was made. It presented itself as a series of small holes in the wall and upon further investigation the discovery sent chills down the home owners spines. Termites had been happily eating away the very skeleton of their family home and the frame behind was reduced to a crumbled mess.

It was with a great sense of relief that they contacted us to say how grateful they were that they had made the decision before this discovery to rebuild with Steel frames.